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Our process is centered around our clients' needs and requires our clients to be part of the design and construction process. Our approach considers everything from foundation down to the drink coaster.
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Design Services
Our design team works directly with our clients from; concept, preliminary sketches, finished drawings, design documentation, textile selections, paint, furniture, millwork art and accessories. Our design services also include; construction documentation and design guidelines. Our design team has decades of experience in; restaurant, bar, retail spaces , hospitality, medical offices, spas, active senior living and more.
Design Guidelines
We create a set of design specifications to ensure the design is executed by the build and construction team.
Furniture, Fixtures
& Art/ Accessory
We can source, price, negotiate, store and document a variety of furniture, fixtures, art and accessories from multiple vendors to ensure the best quality and price. Our specification documents include details than ensure, should you need to replace any pieces we can help facilitate an expedient solution.
Concept Development
Zeroing in on a design concept is IMPERATIVE to the success of your project. We like to think of it as the roadmap for the project. It is also one of the most exciting parts of the process! Our job is to create a design concept that’s authentic to you.

During this phase, we gather all the exciting details about your project. Your goals, wants and must-haves, seating types, target markets, services being provided for your clients, and more and prepare a concept presentation package to explain the desired look and feel. This package will contain imagery boards and preliminary layouts as each influences the other. Together these elements create an intentional, cohesive, authentic design for your project.
Creating a consistent brand driven look is important over multiple locations. Our design team creates dynamic, well documented and resources Prototype Standards documents for your various levels of management and teams.
Purchasing Services
We can work with you during concept development/ ground up stage or we come in as a procurement/ purchasing service provider. Our service includes; sourcing, purchasing/ procurement, organizing, storing, delivering and documenting.
Staging & Installation
This is when the magic happens. Our team makes sure that all the furnishings, art and accessories are placed and installed, final touches are done and ready for your opening day.
Construction Documentation
We build a complete construction document set including; scope of work documents with content page, demolition plans, floor plans, elevations, finish plans, interior elevations, schedules. We consult with Structural and MEP Engineers who provide drawings to complete the construction documents needed.
Construction Administration
We supervise and execute the details outlined in the construction contract; during the pre-construction and construction phases of a project. We can offer this service from the beginning of a project and can come into an existing project as a single service offering.


Ground Up
We can take your vision from a simple sketch on a napkin to a fully realized project. Our expertise spans various disciplines of both building and design. In addition we have practical experience with project management and administration tasks important to getting your project completed on time and on budget.
We work with our clients to refresh their space while taking into consideration brand evolution, space functionality evaluations and maintaining your beautiful space.
Finish Out
We have experience working with both developers and tenants, we can easily navigate both sides of the coin. We bring our partnership approach when working with developers to create spaces ready for tenants to start working on their build-outs.
& Repair
We can develop a maintenance schedule that meets your needs and we can dovetail in repairs small, medium and large as needed. We say this a lot, but we view our clients as partners and we want to help you to keep loving your space.
Custom Millwork
Our team of builders and designers have experience developing and working with branding guidelines and prototyping. It is this experience that enables us to envision and create custom millwork that supports your brand in a unique and tangible way.
Design & Build
We have built a talented team of experienced builders and designers with a wide array of skills and specialties. We have the capability to work with all stages or your project and we can also jump in mid project. We can work with your team and your other vendors to make your project shine.
Whether your project is in full swing or you are starting from the ground up we can manage your project and ensure that everything is moving smoothly with forward motion. Project Management is essential to manage your project as a whole as well as all the daily details and vendor relationships.
Budget Development
We start by developing a strategy based on your budget and timeline. We implement tools that enable ourselves and our partners to track budgets tied to scope and timelines.
Cost Saving Strategies
We can dive in at any stage of your project to develop a plan that saves money, time, resources and we have the ability reallocate funds when the unexpected happens. We know how to make things work and make our partners happy.
& Bidding
We start with understanding the scope of your project and assessing the needs for each aspect of your project from timing, build, design, sourcing materials and vendors. We bring everything together to create an estimate. During our process we also manage the bidding process for goods and services.
Client Consultation
We understand trying to find the right partner for your project can be daunting. When we meet with you and your team for the first time; it's our job to listen first. We want to learn about the vision, timeline, budget and goals you have for your project. Listening gives us the opportunity to assess how we can become the best partner for you.
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Our Mission

To be the provider and partner of choice to our clients and vendors through our commitment to cultivating long-term relationships by focusing on and understanding their needs, providing them with quality service, innovative problem solving solutions and exceeding expectations.
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Our approach considers everything from foundation down to the drink coaster.
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