Our process is rooted in experience and a classic successful model

Grounded Practice

We have gained decades of experience using this process through various ventures. How we differentiate ourselves is how we include our clients into each step of the process. We don't just present our ideas for approval ... we listen to you, we meld our knowledge with your vision.
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Construction Process
Dawn Arcieri, RID, NCIDQ, IIDA Chief Creative Officer


OUR PROCESSCreating and building a better project

Our detailed approach to design has made us leaders in the industry with the goal of delivering your finished project with integrity and originality. Our design process falls into five main categories: Discovery & Programming (where we gather information), Concept Design (where the creativity begins), Design Development (where we work out the details) and Construction Documents (where we finalize the details into documents) and Installation (where we put it all together).

Construction involves solving problems and managing teams. Although every project is different, our process remains the same. Pre Construction (managing the schedule, finding cost savings, assembling the team), Procurement (sourcing and purchasing materials and equipment needed for the project) Construction (Building per plans, OAC meetings, Project Management), and Post Construction (Final Inspections, Post Project Review, and Punch list)

HOW IT WORKSOur design team uses a multi-tiered process to create thoughtful, dynamic projects for our clients.

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Our approach considers everything from foundation down to the drink coaster.
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